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A community organization serving
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Vandalia-Butler Foundation Fund


Long Term Funds of the Vandalia-Butler Foundation

Jackie Ahlers Education Scholarship Fund (2002) This fund honors Jackie Ahlers, a Butler High School graduate and Bowling Green State University student, who died tragically as a result of an automobile accident in the spring of 2002.  Scholarship assistance will be offered to high school seniors planning to pursue a degree, preferably in teacher education, at one of the state universities of Ohio.



Robert A. Bahr Memorial Scholarship Fund (1998) Family and friends initiated this fund in memory of Robert Bahr to award scholarships to Butler High School students who are members of the varsity basketball team.



John A. Beckley and Karen Beckley-Bryant Memorial Scholarship Fund (1995) This fund remembers the late principal of Butler High School by awarding a scholarship to an outstanding graduating senior each year.  The fund is the result of memorial contributions from family, friends and members of the community. 




Sylvia and Lawrence Brazie Family Fund (1996) This fund will enhance growth of non-profit organizations as designated by the donors, Sylvia and her husband Larry, founder and chairman emeritus of Westminster Financial Companies and a board member emeritus of the Vandalia-Butler Foundation.




C.F. Companies Scholarship Fund (1993) Named for the airfreight company that maintained a major hub at the Dayton International Airport, this fund helps Butler High School graduates further their education.

Kathy Huston Clemens Memorial Scholarship (2000) Family and friends of Kathy Huston Clemens, who died tragically in May 2000, established this fund to award college scholarships to Butler High School graduates pursuing a degree in education.  Kathy was a Butler High School graduate and a beloved third grade teacher.  She was 1998 Teacher of the Year in her district in Houston, Texas.



Chris B. Conter Scholarship Fund (2006) This fund was established to honor the life of a devoted father and lifelong baseball player whose career spanned from Little League to AA Baseball and included several world championship titles. The fund awards scholarships to graduating athletes of Butler High School, where he also played.

Orville Cotterman Charitable Fund (2010) This fund provides operating funds to the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler and Vandalia United Methodist Church. Orville Cotterman, a retiree of Frigidaire and a former Vandalia City councilman and School Board member, was a life-long resident of Vandalia until his passing in 2010.

Connie DeHart Memorial Scholarship Fund (1993) By initiating this fund, the parents of educator Connie DeHart wish to encourage young women at Butler High School to enter the teaching profession.




Colin and Lori Gatland Family Fund (2000) Love of animals motivated the Gatlands to establish this fund to promote and generally further the charitable and educational activities and institutions involving animals and their relationship to man.  Lori Gatland is a Vandalia-Butler Foundation trustee emeritus.




Superintendent B.P. Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund (1999) Established by the friends and family of B.P. Gibson, former superintendent of Vandalia-Butler Schools, this fund will award scholarships to graduating seniors of the Butler High School women's varsity soccer team.




Stuart S. Gitman Memorial Scholarship Fund (1998) Dr. Edith Gitman created this fund in memory of her son, Stuart.  The fund provides scholarship awards for graduating Butler High School seniors who do not necessarily excel academically at the time of the award, but who have an interest in furthering their education.




Mark Goens Art Scholarship Fund (1985) Established as a memorial by Mark's parents and friends, this fund assists Butler High School graduates in their study of art.  Mark Goens, a skilled artist and outdoorsman, died while he was a freshman at Morton Junior High School.




Mary Louise Gross-Poorman Scholarship Fund (2001) Established by this retired teacher who taught second grade for 43 years, this scholarship is for Northridge High School graduates majoring in elementary education at Miami University.  Mrs. Poorman passed away just weeks after establishing this fund.




The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler Endowment Fund
(2001) The Historical Society, founded in 1977, established this endowment to help preserve, maintain and make capital improvements to this organization's property.


David A. and Kathryn E. Horner Family Memorial Fund (1997) Established in memory of David, Kathryn, Jonathan, Carmen and Preston Horner, who perished in a train accident in central Ohio in 1997, this fund focuses on different causes in alternate years.  In odd numbered years, the fund supports Boy Scout Troop #307, as well as a student enrolled in the law enforcement program at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  In even numbered years, a scholarship is awarded to a Butler High School senior with an interest in music.

Leo and Marie Lauber Family Scholarship
(2000) This fund will serve to remember the Lauber family's belief in education by awarding college scholarships to Butler High School graduates or Vandalia or Butler Township residents graduating from the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  Leo Lauber worked at Frigidaire for 30 years; Marie was a homemaker.  The Laubers called Butler Township home from World War II until Leo's death.

The Maria Lauterbach Fund for Women (2008) Remembers Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach, whose tragic death in 2007 attracted national sympathy. The fund will honor the memory of this 2006 Butler High School graduate by supporting organizations that help female victims of abuse and advocate improving womenís rights and protection in abusive situations.




The Robert Lawrence Scholarship Fund (2013) The Robert Lawrence Scholarship Fund was established by family and friends in memory of this long-time Vandalia native who loved golf and golf outings with his family. Grants made from the fund will be for golf-related purposes.

Tyler K. MacAlpine Memorial Fund (2015) This fund was created by family and friends to honor the memory of Tyler K. MacAlpine who died tragically in March of 2015 trying to help a stranded motorist.

Matt McQuinn Acts of Kindness Foundation (2014) The Matt McQuinn Acts of Kindness Foundation was created to enable people to spread kindness throughout the Miami Valley. Matt McQuinn was killed in the Aurora, Colorado, cinema shooting on July 20, 2012. He died a hero, protecting his girlfriend from gunfire.

Alyssa Marie Moorman Memorial Fund (2015) This fund was created to honor the memory of Alyssa Marie Moorman who died tragically as a result of an automobile accident in May of 2015.

M. Byron Morton Memorial Scholarship Fund (2001) Family and friends have established this fund to memorialize M. Byron Morton, a former Vandalia-Butler Schools superintendent whose career in education spanned a total of 61 years.  During Mr. Morton's tenure with V-B Schools, the Vandalia-Butler Memorial Stadium was established in honor of area veterans killed while serving their country.




John J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund (2005) This fund was established by family and friends for the exclusive purpose of assisting Butler High School students to further their studies at an accredited college, community college, university, vocational school or trade program.

The Neal Family Hope Fund (2004) This fund will further the charitable interests of the Neal family, who will advise grants to not-for-profit organizations of their choice. Martin and Debra Nealís daughter Elizabeth, and her horse Hope, were the inspiration for the fun and the fundís name.

Marvin O'Cull Scholarship Fund (1996) Butler High School students entering the field of engineering may apply for this scholarship, established in memory of a longtime Vandalia-Butler Optimist Club member who passed away in 1988.




Public Art in Vandalia Program Endowment Fund (2009) This fund promotes the artistic enhancement of the City of Vandalia's neighborhoods and urban environments, as determined by the Vandalia City Council and the Public Art in Vandalia Program committee.

Rotary Club of Vandalia Charitable Fund (1990) This fund distributes income at the suggestion of the Vandalia Rotary Club to assist Butler High School graduating seniors pursue a two-year course of study at a technical school or community college.

Tom Rubins Memorial Fund (2015) This fund was created by family and friends to honor the memory of Tom Rubins who was very active and well-known in the Vandalia-Butler community for helping to develop the Vandalia Sports Complex and youth baseball program, and serving on the Parks and Recreation Board for many years. A long-time employee of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he was considered an expert in infrared airplane technology.

Ruff Rescue Transport Fund (2014) Ruff Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization that helps bridge the gap for animals needing a ride to rescue shelters, foster homes or approved adopters. The mission is to help end the needless killing of dogs and cats by assisting rescues and shelters in transporting homeless animals to locations where they are more adoptable or areas where there is more support.

Thomas Schieltz-Boy Scout Troop #307 Fund (1994) Thomas Schieltz, a former scoutmaster of Troop #307, was honored by the creation of this fund.  Income from the endowment is used for special outdoor projects, such as camping and canoeing, and individual scholarships for youth with an interest, but not the finances, to attend Boy Scout Camp.



Carl R. Scholz-Unibilt Industries Scholarship Fund (1994) Created in honor of Carl R. Scholz, founder of Unibilt Industries, Inc., for the children of employees of this privately held corporation, this fund provides scholarships to help youth attend college, a university or a private accredited primary or secondary school.




Nancy Ellen Wegner Schumacher and Robert Frederick Schumacher Scholarship Fund (2010) This fund helps students at Vandalia Butler High School pursue a degree in engineering, math or science. Robert Schumacher, a World War II veteran and manufacturing engineer for 30 years, retired from Chrysler Corporation in 1982. Nancy Schumacher worked as a chemist at General Motors until her marriage to Robert in 1953. During her years as a homemaker, she combined her chemistry experience with her love of cooking to develop new recipes.



The Senior Wish Fund (1994) Bob and Anne McConnell established this fund to enhance the quality of human life for senior citizens in Madison County, Miami County and Montgomery County.




Clark A. Siddle Memorial Scholarship Fund (2014) This fund was created by family and friends in 2014 to honor the memory of Clark A. Siddle. Clark was a graduate of Spring Valley Academy and served as a firefighter for Beavercreek and the Enon Mad-River Twp. Fire Departments.

The Major Jack Siegrist, M.D. Memorial Fund (2007) Created in honor of Major Jack Siegrist, M.D., this fund provides financing for high adventure activities, such as scuba diving and rock climbing, for members of the Boy Scouts of America
Troop #204.

Marvin L. and Helen C. Sturm Memorial Scholarship Fund (1993) Standing at the blackboard as a teacher at Butler High School, Helen Sturm cultivated her students' desire to achieve.  Her inspiration is as strong today as it was in the 1950's when she dusted chalk from her fingertips. This fund provides scholarships to graduating seniors who excel in math and science.


Taryl and Viola Swigart Scholarship Fund (1993) Married 56 years and having had no children of their own, the Swigarts chose to create this fund to provide for worthy and needy students from their hometown.

John T. Torlone Scholarship Fund (1992) Once a member of the custodial staff in the Vandalia-Butler School District, Mr. Torlone was the inventor of The Creative Children's Chapel.  Through his estate, a scholarship fund was established to assist graduating seniors who enroll in any post high school education.

Gerald Turner Educational Endowment Fund (2005) The fund was established for the purpose of providing annual income for the Tuition Assistance Program at Chaminade-Julienne High School.

Vandalia Cultural Arts Endowment Fund (2001) The purpose of this fund will be to support artistic and cultural activities, programs, performances, and organizations for the benefit of City of Vandalia residents.  A citizens' Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Vandalia-Butler Foundation regarding distribution of the funds.

Vandalia Lions Endowment Fund (2001) The Vandalia Lions Club and the Henry W. Seger Memorial Trust established this fund to further charitable, educational, civic, religious and community activities, undertakings and institutions within the Vandalia-Butler area.

Vandalia-Butler Foundation Fund (1985) Established to support charitable endeavors benefiting the citizens of Vandalia and Butler Township, the Foundation's Board of Trustees awards grants to qualified, local non-profit organizations.

Vandalia-Butler Foundation Operations Fund
(2003) Former Board Chair and Trustee Emeritus Gerald Turner and the Foundation's Board of Trustees established this fund to help ensure that the Vandalia-Butler Foundation will be able to function effectively for years to come.

Vandalia-Butler Foundation Small Business Opportunity Fund in Memory of Ron Gearhart (2015) This fund was established for the purpose of financially assisting small businesses in the City of Vandalia and Butler Township through reimbursement of expenses incurred with specific projects.

Vandalia-Butler Historical Society Fund
(1994) This fund was established to endow the Vandalia-Butler Historical Society and to support the efforts of this community-based organization.




Todd and Rodney Wasson Memorial Scholarship (1987) Parents and friends established this memorial fund to provide college scholarship assistance to members of the Butler High School Wrestling Team.  Todd and Rodney were Butler graduates in 1981 and 1984, respectively.  Jerry and Sharon Wasson have made arrangements for gifts from life insurance policies to be added to this fund at a later date.




Weisenborn Family Fund (1989) Benefiting nonprofit activities of interest to Howard and Marcie Weisenborn and their family is the purpose of this fund.  Howard's mother Clara, a former state representative and senator, was probably best known for her daily column in the Dayton Journal Herald, "About Home and Family."




Because the following funds were established to directly benefit Vandalia-Butler Schools, The Foundation Board, with the approval of the originators of the funds, has established a "sub-family" of some existing Vandalia-Butler Foundation funds. This designation will enable the VISIONS Fund Board of Trustees to include all of these funds in marketing efforts, while maintaining the autonomy of each fund.

VISIONS: An Eye for the Future Fund (2002) Vandalia-Butler City Schools and interested citizens established this fund to promote the quality of education in Vandalia-Butler City Schools. The endowment fund supports new ideas in education, district initiatives, student scholarships, and training for teachers and administrators.

Arts Revitalizing Team (a.k.a. A.R.T.) Fund (2001) Established by Margo Thomas Steinbaugh and supported by the Vandalia-Butler community, this fund provides resources to expand the educational experiences of Vandalia-Butler students who are involved in the performing arts.

The Orville M. Cotterman Grant Fund (2002) Established in honor of Orville M. Cotterman's 90th birthday, this fund supports enrichment activities and projects at local elementary schools. Mr. Cotterman was born and raised in Vandalia and served 16 years on the Vandalia School Board.

Mary Ann Wietzel "What's in it for Kids?" Fund (2000) This fund supports innovative programs and activities to engage Helke Elementary School children in their learning through authentic, hands-on experiences.  Friends and family established this fund in memory of Mary Ann Wietzel, a longtime Vandalia-Butler educator and former principal of Helke, so that her creativity and can-do spirit could live on.